Suzana Spasovska is a renaissance appearance of мacedonian music, an artist who has made a music reform. She set different standards than previous music templates that are hard to beat them today. Susana deftly knits the traditional and the modern style, but it sounds again in Macedonian on the end.

She is an example of great popularity and how to stay a real star.

Maybe Suzana looks simple, spontaneous, ordinary … On the other hand she’s surreal, at one point, incomprehensible and intriguing.

Suzana is not a part of the estrada. She is an estrada herself. Music institution, a folklore museum rich with musical artifacts and valuable evidence.

They are  taking you from antiquity to Ilinden,  in Cyrillic times through the old monasteries to this day until today.

With a jubilee concert celebrating 30 years on the Macedonian scene, Suzana Spasovska wraps up a part of her life that is not a music finale.

That’s just the end of her first semifinal…